Animals in Quebec

Welcome to Animals in Quebec. Quebec is very rich in fauna. Tourists discover so many wild animals that roam here and there in deep forests.

Extensive forests, national parks, natural areas, etc, surround this city. It is found that Quebec is home to 650 animal species, 300 bird species, and 90 mammal species. 

White-tailed deer, caribou, moose, beavers, and some sea mammals can be seen in their wildlife reserves or natural habitats.


They are generally found in wood-rich areas in forest environments. This is also why beavers are easy to see in the forests of Quebec.


They are creatures that can travel 6000km of tundra over their life. It is the only species of dear in which both males and females have antlers.

Black Bear

There are about 70,000 black bears living in Quebec. It is one of the most common and feared animals in Quebec. They love to live in dense forests.


It is the largest and heaviest animal of the deer species. Moose require 25 to 30kg of plant food daily and usually drink water which is rich in minerals.


Whale watching is best done in Quebec as compared to the whole world this is the reason due to why people from around the globe come to experience the marine animals live.

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