Animals in Saskatchewan

If someone visits Saskatchewan they can easily find animals because land of Saskatchewan is flat in nature.

They are no such places for wild animals to hide so animals usually roams here and there like nice, squirrels, bids, deer they can easily found.

Even one can find bears, snakes, moose, elk, coyote, wolf too. There is wide variety of insects found in Saskatchewan region like flies, months, wasps, bumblebee, etc.

Sharped-tailed Grouse

This bird is known as one of the lek bird species, generally lek is an area where all goose comes and display their behaviours for breeding.

Burrowing Owl

They usually eat beetles and grasshoppers as these two are their favourite food. They are also fond of voles, toads, carrion, small bird.

Olive Sided Flycatcher

Olive sided fly catcher bird belongs to family of Tyrannidee. They are small in size and are known as migrant birds which come from south part of America to North.

Prairie Dog

As of their names they are not considers as actual canines but know as species of squirrel. They live in mounds and those mounds will be used by other species. 

American White Pelican

It is known as one of the largest soaring aquatic bird found in Saskatchewan region.

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