Animals in South America

Maned Wolf

The maned wolf gets its name from the trademark mane on its neck, which stands erect when it aromas risk. Its body is covered with long, ruddy earthy colored hair.

Where can one find a Maned wolf in South America?

They live in marshes, wetlands, grasslands, and wet and dry forests alongside other animals in South America.


Most types of piranha never become more significant than 60 cm in length. Colors differ from brilliant with orange undersides to totally dark.

Where can one find Piranha in South America?

About 30 species are found living in lakes and rivers of South America.


Caimans are generally little individuals from the crocodile family tracked down in South and Central America. There are six unique types of this reptile.


Guanacos have enormous eyes with thick lashes to shield them from residue and soil kicked up by big breezes.


Numerous macaws have vibrant plumage. The shading fits into living in Central and South American tropical jungles, with green shelters and vivid leafy foods.


They can weigh almost two pounds and develop to 25 inches long, with their bill representing nearly 50% of their length.

Animals in South America