Animals in South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the native states in the United States with species of various diversities.

South Dakota's animal habitats include lakes, rivers, mountains, and grasslands. Coyotes, bison, prairie animals in the Mississippi River, birds, and other wildlife inhabit these habitats.

Which animals are there in South Dakota? Which animals would you instead observe from a safer distance? What are the state bird and the state fish? Well, this story is the story for you!

Mountain Goat

The goats escaped in the 1920s from a zoo in Custer State Park. The best time for checking out these animals is in the mornings when they are seen strolling the side of the mountains.

Mountain Lion

These types of lions are hard to find as they are sneaky and nocturnal. The lions have been estimated to be approximately 300 in all of the State’s hills.

The American Red Squirrel

American red squirrels are granivores. They feed on the seeds of various fruits, such as strawberries, but can opportunistically involve other types of food into their diet.

Prairie Dogs

Although there are five different species of prairie dogs in North America, there is only one typical prairie dog in South, Dakota known as the black-tailed prairie dog.

Bighorn Sheep

Their eyes are on the forward side of the head which provides them a good range of vision.

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