Animals in South Dakota

Mountain Goat

Although the mountain goats are not native, they are adapted to the rocky hills of South Dakota.

Mountain Lion

The lions in this region are widely known throughout the continents, and they are also known as the panthers, pumas, or cougars.

The American Red Squirrel

Their size is slightly smaller; their overall length from the head to he tail is approximately 27-35 cm long.

Prairie Dogs

Although there are five different species of prairie dogs in North America, there is only one typical prairie dog in South, Dakota known as the black-tailed prairie dog.

Bighorn Sheep

Their eyes are on the forward side of, the head which provides them a good range of vision.


Antelopes have adjusted to a wide range of biological spe,cialtishiftingus shift in their size, shape, movement, diet, social association, and anti-predator technique.


The bison are very comfortable in Custer State Park and have become accustomed to cars frequently bringing in tourists.

Ring-Necked Chinese Pheasant

As earlier, the ring-necked Chinese pheasant is the official bird of the South Dakota State. These birds are rarely found in other places around the wetlands of South Dakota.

Animals in South Dakota