Animals in Tennessee


Elk are the native animals of Tennessee. They are the most important part for Tennessee ecosystem because they help in shaping the landscape for earlier residents of state.


Groundhogs are known as woodchucks and they come under rodent category. They belong to the Squirrel family. They are lowland creatures found in different parts of Tennessee.


Bobcat is a common wild cat found in Tennessee. They are good hunters with bright eyesight, good hearing capacity, along with good sense of smell.

Fox Squirrel

They weigh up to 500-1000gms.  They can live up to 18 years of age. Female fox squirrel life span is 12 years and for male it is 8 -9 years.

Corn Snake

Corn snake is also known as Red Rat snake and is one of the species from snakes that are found in Tennessee. They are very beneficial predators of rodent’s species.

Sandhill Crane

They are common source of hunting in Tennessee but from 2013 their hunting is banned. These are one of the largest birds in Tennessee.

Milk Snake

Firstly, there are around three subspecies of milk snake found in Tennessee. They are mostly found in the eastern region of Tennessee.

Orb Weaver Spider

Tennessee is known as home to about 40-50 spiders species out of which many are the deadliest one like false black widow.

Animals in Tennessee