Animals in the North Pole

The creatures and vegetation found here have adapted to the harsh conditions of the area. Nature has provided them with fur, fat, or quills to help them adjust and adapt to their harsh climate.

Over 400 types of fish, 20 types of warm blooded creatures and 100 types of birds call North Pole home.

This very chilly locale involves a huge swath of living things going from infinitesimal zoo microscopic fishes to immense whales.

Polar Bear

The biggest bear on the planet and the Arctic’s top hunter, polar bears are a strong image of the strength and perseverance of the Arctic.

Arctic Fox

The Arctic fox succumbs to bigger carnivores, like polar bears, wolves, and wolverines, and to hunting by people.

Ringed Seal

This type of seal will eat what is accessible to it which includes fish, scavengers, and cephalopods. More youthful seals will generally eat a bigger number of scavengers than grown-ups.

Northern Fulmar

The northern fulmar has a generally short and thick neck and enormous head. The bill is stout with round, tube-like nostrils.

Snow Bunting

The suitably name Snow Bunting is bird of limits. It might seem as though a padded snowflake, however do not let the  little size and faultless white plumes make you fool.

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