Animals in the State of Kansas

Kansas is a beautiful state in the United States and a prominent place for wildlife. Its largest city is Wichita, and its capital is Topeka.

Kansas is known as the “Sunflower State” it witnesses four seasons each year, which include hot, humid summers and cold winters.

It has many known birds, including great horned owls, bald eagles, great blue herons, red-tailed hawks, and bluebirds.


They keep hiding all day beneath layers of crop debris, and they can damage the entire crop in one attack.

Burrowing Owls

When we think of a bird, we associate them with flying, but burrowing owls spend most of their time near the ground despite being amazingly capable of fanciful flight.


Its scientific name is Marmota Monax. They can be found throughout the United States and Canada and survive in different environments.

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