Animals in Virginia

Much of Virginia’s wildlife resembles close to its neighboring states such as Tennessee and North Carolina. Virginian water is spotless, clear, and valuable for fishing enthusiasts.

Technically Virginia does not have any state animal, but it has a country bird, a bat of the state, a country dog, a world fish, and a country insect.


Like all raccoons, the North American raccoon is intelligent and curious. The hairless front legs are highly artistic and look like thin human hands, and the hind legs are thick and long.


Sometimes it is found to be damaging gardens and pastures. Named the marmot, the groundhog is a member of the squirrel family, Sciuridae, within the order Rodentia.

Black Tailed Jackrabbit

Black-tailed jackrabbit is also known as the American desert hare. Black-tailed jackrabbits are social animals usually found feeding or resting in small groups.

Virginia Opossum

Virginia opossums have a long head, pointed nose, round ears, and a scaly tail, almost hairless, about half their length. It is found in wooded areas nearby lakes, streams, and swamps.


The word elk comes from an ancient Germanic root word that means stag or hart. Elk is mainly found on the Cumberland Plateau in Virginia.

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