Animals in Wisconsin

The landscape of Wisconsin includes beaches, wetlands, woodlands, rivers, and hills. Wisconsin has about seven hundred different animal species, and the American badger is considered the state animal of Wisconsin.

Deer Mouse

They have protruding eyes and gigantic ears, weigh 15 to 110 grams, and are 8 to 17 cm long. The tail might be more limited than the head and body or strikingly longer, contingent upon the species.

Fox Squirrel

The squirrel’s total length is estimated to be 20 to 30 inches, with a body length of 10 to 15 inches and a comparable tail length. The chest area of the creature is brown-dark to brown-yellow in many places, and the bottom is always caramel-orange.

Eastern Grey Squirrel

Eastern dim squirrels scavenge for seeds, nuts, buds, and blossoms on trees. Like other tree squirrels, the eastern fuzzy squirrel assumes a significant role in what’s known as seed dispersal.


The thick fur on the upper parts ranges in variety through shades of brown; the feet are more obscure, and the underparts are buff. Melanistic and pale-skinned people happen here and there in specific populations.

American Marten

The name pine marten comes from the common name of the Eurasian species. It is widely found in Canada. It is a tiny animal that likes to live on trees. The American marten has a slim body with short legs.

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