Animals in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's landscape includes beaches, wetlands, woodlands and rivers. It also boasts a total of seven hundred different species of animals can be found in the state.  Read on to learn more about Wisconsin wildlife!

Deer Mouse

Deer mice have large, protruding eyes and ears; their tails can be short or long depending on the species. The fur of all deer mice is delicate but varies between and within species.

Fox Squirrel

Fox squirrels have superb vision and very evolved senses of hearing and smell. Fox squirrels are often noticed rummaging on the ground a few hundred meters from the closest woodlot.

Eastern Grey Squirrel

Eastern dim squirrels have a phenomenal feeling of smell, which they use to assist with finding food that they’ve stowed away. They can likewise get data about their kindred squirrels by smelling them.


This large, strong-bodied rat can weigh up to 6 kilograms and has a tail that is 18 centimeters long. The upper part of its fur varies in color through different shades of brown; the bottom half is buff.

American Marten

The American marten belongs to the family Mustelidae and is also known as the American pine marten. It is a very small animal that likes to live in trees. The American marten has a slim body with short legs.

Canada Lynx

The Canada lynx is like the wildcat by all accounts yet can be recognized by its more drawn out legs, more extensive feet, longer ear tufts, and more conspicuous dark tipped tail.