Animals of Arizona

We are giving you a list of 10 animals or insects that are part of Arizona and will make you want to go and see them amongst the incredible landscapes of Arizona.

Ringtail Cat

The ringtail cat is the official mammal of Arizona. It’s not a cat, but it’s related to the raccoon. It is also called a bassarisk. When you see the ringtail cat, you will realize it is smaller than the average pet cat.

Gila Monster

The Gila Monster is a giant lizard living in Arizona. It can grow huge, too. It is no small lizard that scurries off when it sees you. This one can be about two feet long, but not in all cases. It has bright colors that look intriguing up close.

Africanized Bee

According to experts, disrupting Africanized bee colonies in Arizona can be fatal. Unintentionally disturbing Africanized honey bees kills a few people every year. Call a pro to eliminate bees.

Bark Scorpions

Bark scorpions can glow in the dark, but you wouldn’t want to disturb a bark scorpion at night. One of these scorpions’ stings can cause severe pain and swelling; you can expect to feel ill for around three days.


The female tarantula, also known as the Arizona Blond, is stockier than the male and coated in light brown or tan hair. Black hair covers much of the male's body, while his abdomen has reddish hair.


One of the most well-known killer snakes in Arizona is the rattlesnake. And there are plenty of snakes in Arizona. Already, there are 13 different species of rattlesnakes in Arizona! And all of them have a deadly bite.

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