By Josie  February 24th, 2024

These Animals Are Smarter Than a 5-year-old

As humans, with all our inventions and creations, we often assume that we’re the smartest species to walk this earth.

But, we should not underestimate the cognitive capabilities found in nature – we don’t have to look far to find animals there smarter than a 5-year-old!

These incredible monkeys can remember symbols and numbers, solve puzzles, and even plan for future needs.

#1 Chimpanzee

Dolphin friends and family develop seriously strong social bonds that mirror those of humans very closely.

#2 Dolphins

Elephants can also mourn their dead, demonstrating a level of emotional intelligence that rivals that of young children.

#3 Elephants

They can make tools from twigs and even understand complex concepts like water displacement.

#4 Crows

They can learn and use human language to communicate, solve puzzles, and even understand concepts of color, shape, and number.

#5 Parrots

With their ability to escape from secure tanks by unscrewing lids and mimicking other species for defense, octopuses show us that they’re just as intelligent (and sneaky) as a 5-year-old child

#6 Octopuses

They display a wide range of emotions, from joy and excitement to sadness and empathy.

#7 Pigs

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