15 Animals That Hibernate

Hibernation is when an animal slows down its heart rate and metabolism to consume less energy.  Further, here is a list of 15 animals that hibernate during the winter to survive the low temperatures.


Chipmunks are tiny creatures belonging to the squirrel family. They are found chiefly in colors of yellow and brown with gray fur, along with black and white stripes going down from their necks.


Bears look cute and fuzzy, but their looks can be decisive. They are very dangerous animals and prey on other animals, even humans. They tend to get very aggressive when they are hungry.


Bats are tiny animals that look like rats with wings of rubber-like texture. They have very small eyes, making it hard to see during the daytime. They are better at flying at night time.

Box Turtles

The turtle’s unique shape makes them recognizable even to children. They have a hard shell-like exterior and a soft body residing inside that shell. They eat worms and insects.

Bumble Bees

They are small. They are yellow with black stripes on them. All the bees die during the winter. Only the queen is left to hibernate during the cold months. Once the hibernating period is over, she will create a new colony.

Garter Snakes

There are many types of snakes. Snakes are venomous and dangerous. Garter snakes are not that dangerous, and few contain mild venom. Many people keep these snakes as pets in their homes.

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