Animals That Start With S

Many animals that start with the letter S. There’re probably a lot more than you think. You may know a lot of them already, but we’ll show you a few more.  We’ve curated a list of twenty animals that start with S.

Saanen Goat

The Saanen Goat is the largest breed of goats from Switzerland. They usually weigh about 85kg and stand at about 90cm.


This animal might not be the prettiest on this list, and it sure isn’t winning any races too. But that’s all part of its defense against predators.


The salamanders are a group of amphibians that look like lizards. They are usually toxic and have a slimy coating that makes them hard to grasp.


Salmon are a group of ray-finned fishes that are quite a delicacy in many parts of the world. These fish hatch in freshwater, live out their adult lives in the ocean, then return to freshwater to reproduce.

sand crab

The sand crab is a small crustacean that is usually found, you guessed it, on beaches. It is well-adapted to life in the sand. Fun Fact: Sand crabs only move backward.


The most distinctive feature of these fish is their rostrum— the saw-like projection on their faces. Contrary to popular belief, they do not split things in half with it.