Australian Authorities Euthanize Stranded Whales After Mass Beaching

In a tragic turn of events.

Australian authorities made a heart-rending decision to euthanize the group of stranded whales off the western coast.

These, almost 100 long-finned pilot whales were first spotted stranded on Cheynes Beach the day before yesterday.

By the following morning, local authorities confirmed that at least 51 of these majestic creatures had perished.

The sight of these whales, some lying sideways, others on their backs, flapping their tails in shallow waters, was a distressing spectacle that tugged at the heartstrings of onlookers.

In response to this crisis, more than 250 volunteers, veterinarians, and marine life experts joined forces in a rescue mission.

Their goal was to coax the remaining 45 whales back to the ocean.

However, the surviving whales kept on stranding themselves after the release. 

Leading experts to conclude that euthanizing them was the most humane option to avoid prolonging their suffering.

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