Baboons in Africa

Five species of baboon exist around the world. These Baboon species are  known as the Chacma, Olive, Yellow, Guinea and Hamadryas baboons.

4 of the 5 species (excluding the Hamadryas) can be found in southern, central and northern Africa. They are known as Savanna baboons.

We have found some of the best places to observe Baboons in Africa, in their natural Habitats.

Where to encounter Baboons

Olive baboons also practice a variety of communications, vocal and non-vocal, facilitating a complex social structure.

#1 Olive Baboons in Kenya

During the day they are terrestrial, and live in complex, mixed-gender social groups of eight to 200 individuals per troop.

#2 Yellow Baboons

They have distinctive reddish-brown hair, a hairless, dark-violet or  black face with the typical dog-like muzzle, which is surrounded by a  small mane.

#3 Guinea Baboons

Hamadryas Baboons have been wandering the north-eastern African desert  for thousands of years. Even worshiped in Ancient Egyptian Mythology.

#4 Hamadryas Baboons

The chacma baboons are an unmissable feature of Cape Town’s tourism  attractions, in troops located along the stretch of mountain that makes  up the Table Mountain National Park.

#5 Chacma Baboons

There is still more to uncover!

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