By Josie  September 21st, 2023

Baby Elephant Fights 14 Lions At the Same Time

This brave baby elephant now has the nickname Hercules after it successfully fights off a whole pride of lions.

Lions and elephants, two of Africa’s most iconic species, have a complex relationship.

Lion Vs. Elephants

While adult elephants are generally safe from lion attacks due to their massive size, young calves can be vulnerable.

The Footage

A baby elephant, separated from its herd, finds itself surrounded by no less than 14 lions.

It fends off multiple attacks, using its trunk and legs to keep the lions at bay.

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Following the incredible escape, the baby elephant has earned a heroic nickname: “Hercules.”

Hunting Techniques of Lions

Lions are social animals, often hunting in groups called prides.

This collective hunting strategy allows them to take down larger prey, which would be challenging for a single lion.

Vulnerable Baby Elephants

Their smaller size compared to adults makes them potential targets for predators like lions and hyenas.

Additionally, their lack of experience and understanding of dangers can lead them into tricky situations, like being separated from the herd.

Power In Numbers

The herd’s protection is crucial for a calf’s survival, as adult elephants will fiercely defend their young.

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