Baby Pigeons

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Baby pigeons, or squabs, are a unique and fascinating part of the urban wildlife landscape.


Their downy feathers are usually a drab gray or brown color, which helps them blend into their environment and avoid detection from predators.

Blending In

One exciting feature of baby pigeons is their short, stubby beaks.  Unlike other baby birds with wide-open beaks that beg for food, baby  pigeons’ beaks are less prominent and are used primarily for grasping  and holding onto objects.


Their eyes

Another exciting feature of baby pigeons is their dark eyes.


Adult pigeons are known for their iridescent green and purple feathers, which can be quite striking in the sunlight.

In contrast, baby pigeons are solid gray or brown with no visible patterns or markings.

Vs. baby looks

Baby pigeons are pretty shy and tend to stay close to the nest.


Baby pigeons are a fascinating and unique part of the urban wildlife landscape.

Urban Decor

Baby pigeons are a bit more haphazard, with short, stocky bodies and fuzzy feathers that make them look disheveled.


Like all baby birds, baby pigeons are born blind and entirely dependent on their parents for food and care.


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