Baby Rabbits

Researching the breed before purchasing a bunny is essential as some may  not be suitable for pet owners due to their sensitive nature or  excessive energy levels.

The Netherland Dwarf is the smallest rabbit breed, weighing only 2-3 pounds when fully grown.

Netherland Dwarf

These rabbits are generally easygoing but may need extra patience during training due to their stubborn streak!

Mini Lop

Very recognizable breed due to its  distinctive markings on its fur consisting of three distinct colors –  white, black, and orange-brown or “red .”


Find a suitable hutch or cage.



Rabbits require two types of food – hay and pellets

Grooming your rabbit is essential in keeping their fur clean and free from mats, knots, or parasites such as fleas or mites.


Plenty of options are available, from simple chew toys such as cardboard  boxes, paper towel rolls, or even untreated wood sticks from trees to  more complex distractions such as tunnels and mazes.

Toys and Activities

It is recommended that rabbits should have a physical exam at least once a year to evaluate their overall health.

Health Checkups

Cuddles: Rabbits love being held and cuddled!


Treats: Proper diet is essential for rabbits, but  offering safe treats such as hay cubes, fresh vegetables, or dried herbs  can help build trust between you and your rabbit.

More bonding

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