Baby Rhino Falls In Love With Her Rescuer’s Cat

A recent video showcases one such heartwarming tale: a baby rhino, orphaned and distressed, falls in love with in the most unlikely companion – her rescuer’s cat.

The video starts somberly, highlighting the grim reality of poaching that has led to the skyrocketing need for rhino orphanages.

The baby rhino, Dubuque, lost her mother to this cruel act.

Upon her arrival at the orphanage, Dubuque was understandably traumatized.

The caregivers spent considerable time with her, ensuring she felt safe and gradually building her trust.

But it wasn’t just the humans who played a role in her recovery.

A cat, belonging to one of the rescuers decided to join in on the “rhino babysitting” duties.

The bond between Dubuque and the cat, Jimmy, is nothing short of magical.

The two were inseparable, whether sleeping in the same room or exploring the surroundings.

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