Banana Spiders Of Florida

Banana spider Florida is an intriguing phenomenon!

The yellow banana spider, Nephila clavipes, is an incredibly unique arachnid species.

They are beautiful, with their vibrant golden hue contrasting sharply against the green foliage of Florida’s forests and fields.


They also play a vital role in our ecosystem as one of nature’s primary sources of biological control.


They tend to be larger than other spiders in the area, reaching heights  of up to 6 cm in body length and 25 cm across their extended legs.


These spiders have adapted impressive hunting strategies that allow them to capture prey much faster than their counterparts;


They build net webs of three concentric circles with radiating spokes emanating outwards from each circle’s center.

Web Shape

This webbing allows them to rapidly ensnare unsuspecting insects and  small birds or reptiles who may find themselves stuck within its grasp.

Trap Prey

Banana spiders in Florida can be found in various habitats around the  state, from tropical forests and mangroves to agricultural fields and  urban gardens.


Spotted mostly in southern and central regions,  including Miami-Dade County, Sarasota County, Hillsborough County, Polk  County, Lee County, Charlotte County, and Collier County.


Frequently, the spiders can be seen perched atop the leaves of banana trees or other tropical plants.

Where to look

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