By Josie  September 8th, 2023

Bear Steals Candy Bars from 7-Eleven in California

A bear was caught red-handed when he stole candy bars from a 7-Eleven in California.

We all know what a snack craving can do to us!

California is home to a substantial population of brown bears.

The California black bear has taken its place, with a population soaring to approximately 30,000 to 40,000.

Bear Steals Candy Bars

As the bear enters, it seems to be on a mission, exploring the store with a particular interest in the food section.

The store’s occupants engage in a verbal attempt to shoo the bear away. Despite the attempts, the bear seems undeterred.

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The End of the Story

The encounter ends with the bear exiting the store, leaving behind a trail of astonishment and laughter from the onlookers.

This incident is a testament to the bear’s intelligence and adaptability.

What the Theft Tells us About Their Intelligence

Itis a clear indication that bears are not just guided by instincts - they also possess impressive cognitive abilities.

Moreover, its ability to navigate through the urban environment to find food showcases its problem-solving skills and adaptability to changing environments.

Why Do Bears Enter Urban Areas?

The easy availability of food in urban areas acts as a magnet for these creatures.

It is a clear indication that the boundaries between the wild and urban spaces are blurring.

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