Bees Create Insane Wax

The marvel begins with the young worker bees, who take on the task of wax production.

These bees possess specialized glands located on the underside of their abdomen

which are responsible for secreting wax in a liquefied form

As this wax-rich substance encounters the air, it undergoes a magical transformation, solidifying into the wax we recognize

Interestingly, the prime age for producing wax in a bee’s life falls within the 12 to 20-day mark.

As bees age, these wax-secreting glands tend to atrophy, decreasing their wax-producing prowess

It’s a testament to the collective wisdom of the hive, where each bee plays its specific role with unwavering dedication.

To extract the wax, the bees delicately collect the wax flakes as they form on the underside of their abdomen.

With precision, they use their hind legs to pluck these wax flakes,  passing them up to their mandibles, where the true artistry begins

The bees chew the wax, mixing it with saliva and pollen

creating a pliable substance that they use to construct the honeycomb.

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