Bees Detect Illness

Believe it or not, honey bees, scientifically known as Apis mellifera, possess a sense of smell that surpasses even that of sniffer dogs.

Bees can detect odors in extremely minuscule concentrations, often as low as several parts per trillion.

What makes this feat even more remarkable is that, unlike dogs, bees can be trained to detect only one specific target odor.

This ability, however, is the key to their success in identifying human illnesses.

Honey bees can be trained to detect various illnesses, and in some  instances, they outperform conventional diagnostic tests by identifying  diseases in advance.

They achieve this remarkable feat by sniffing out the unique odors associated with different diseases present in human breath.

A simple process involves a patient breathing into a small box through a funnel.

This box is placed within a larger container housing the bees.

When the bees sense the illness on the patient’s breath, they swiftly migrate from the larger box to the smaller one.

Astonishingly, training these remarkable creatures to detect human illness takes a mere ten minutes.

Research in the field of vibrational medicine has shown that exposure to  these healing frequencies can stimulate the regeneration and repair of  human cells and tissues.

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