Best Great White Shark Diving Locations

There is no guarantee that you will see a giant while diving, but there are certain times of the year and certain locations where your chances are better.  We have compiled some information for you to help make planning your trip easier.

Port Lincoln, Australia

Port Lincoln, on the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, is famous for great white shark diving. No place in Australia gives you as close a look at this ocean predator's magnificent form.

Guadalupe, Mexico

Off the coast of Mexico, Guadalupe Island is where we usually think great white sharks live—nearly year round. Male and female sharks swim in these waters, eating every chance they get by preying on seals that frequent the island.

Bluff,  New Zealand

One of the least known places for great white shark diving is the small peninsula in South New Zealand. There are male great white sharks all year round. During the mating season the females come.

Gansbaai,  South Africa

In Gansbaai, near Cape Town in South Africa, shark diving tours can be combined with trips to view other marine species. The Great White Shark is the undisputed king of all ocean predators.

Mossel Bay, South Africa

Due to the fact that the water temperature here is higher than at other locations, the place is known worldwide for the largest occurrence of great white sharks along the South African coast!

False Bay,  South Africa

Close to Seal Island, a resting place for seals, attracts many great white sharks. The animals are a preferred hunting ground for the sharks, which is why they are in large numbers in these waters.

Farallon Islands, USA

In autumn, the Farallon Islands are a great white shark feeding ground. The islands consist of a group of rugged volcanic rocks in the Gulf of the Farallones off San Francisco's coast.