Best Places to Dive with Hammerhead Sharks


#1 Bimini, Bahamas

With over 40 shark species, the Bahamas has the greatest biodiversity in the world and one of the largest populations.

#2 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Pacific Shark Corridor also called “The Hammerhead Triangle”: the Galapagos Islands, Malpelo Island, and Cocos Island.

#3 Cocos Islands, Costa Rica

Almost everyone knows this tropical island in the Pacific Ocean as a superlative spot for big fish.

#4 Layang Layang, Malaysia

In the months from March to May Layang Layang is one of the most spectacular dive sites in the world.

#5 Rasdhoo Atoll In The Ari Atoll, Maldives

The site is accessible all year round, but the best time for hammerheads is December to April.

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