Best Places to See Manatees

Looking for the Best Places to See Manatees? Have you ever wanted to experience a Manatee or a Dugong while diving, snorkeling or on a boat close up in their natural habitat?

We have done the research and show you the best places to meet Dugongs and Manatees or even swim with them.

The Best Places to see and swim with Manatees or Dugongs:

Manatees at Citrus County, Florida, US

You find many tour operators who bring you close to the Manatees who enjoy the crystal clear warm spring waters all year round.

Meet Dugongs in Palawan, Philippines

What makes the island an exotic paradise are its bizarre rock formations like from another world, hidden lagoons, and countless fine sandy dream beaches.

Dugongs, Coral Coast and Ningaloo Reef, Australia

Shark Bay is one of the world’s largest population of this endangered mammal species.

Dugongs in Abu Dabbab, Red Sea, Egypt

It is home to wide seagrass beds which attracts Dugongs and the giant Green Sea Turtles.

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