Best Places to See Wallabies

Do you want to find out, what the best places to see Wallabies in the wild are?

Wallabies are creatures smaller than Kangaroos and have similarities with marsupials.

Get to know them

It’s the island of the North Queensland coast and is home to wallabies. It also known as a tropical island paradise, offers a unique natural  environment.

1. Magnetic Island

It is another wonderful place to see wallabies and enjoy feeding them. It’s the rugged limestone range and arid coastal plain.

2. Cape Range National Park

Here you will find a distinctive Wallabies species, the Bennett type. These are also known as red-necked wallabies.

3. Freycinet National Park

The wallaby species in Litchfield National Park include the short-eared  rock wallaby, agile wallaby, and eastern short-eared rock wallaby.

4. Litchfield National Park

f you are fond of Wallabies, then the Brush-tailed wallabies are present and would fascinate you with their warmth.

5. Crow’s Nest National Park

There is still more to learn about this incredible creature!

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