Best Places to Swim with Dolphins

Are you looking for the best places to swim with dolphins? Imagine jumping into crystal clear water where smiling faces that are eager for the next fun adventure are waiting for you. 

As Dolphins are at home almost everywhere on the planet, are curious and love to to play, swimming or diving with dolphins in the wild is possible in a lot of places.

It was extremely hard to choose which places to show you first when looking for the best places to swim with dolphins. In this story, we'll take you to the best places to see and swim with dolphins.

The Bahamas

Dolphin groups can be found in warm water almost all year around the island of Grand Bahama, which is only 90 km east of Palm Beach in Florida, and encounters are almost guaranteed.

Ningaloo Reef, Australia

With its idyllic location, fantastic underwater world and great weather, this little paradise is definitely worth a visit.

Hawaii, Oahu Island and Big Island, USA

On Oahu Island and the Big Island, various dolphin tours are offered, allowing visitors to meet these creatures in the wild.

Nelson Bay and Port Stephens, Australia

Nelson Bay is dedicated to humpback whale and dolphin tourism. The excursion boats of Moonshadow, for example, advertise with a 99% guarantee to see dolphins.


This tour will take you from Kuching to the Damai Peninsula where you’ll board a boat and proceed to the river mouth of the mangrove belt in search of the Irrawaddy (or snub fin) Dolphins.

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