Biggest Animals in the World

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the largest species of  animals around the globe were and just how enormous they are?

Blue whales are the world’s largest living creatures. Their tongues can be as heavy as an elephant’s.

#1 Blue Whale

Right whales are found in three different species around the world. The  Southern right whale, the North Atlantic right whale, and the North  Pacific right whale are all found in the Southern Hemisphere.

#2 North Pacific Right Whale

African elephants are the world’s most enormous land creatures. Their herds go over 37 African countries.

#3 African Elephant

Due to the form of its mouth compared to its African cousin, the black  rhino, the white rhino is also known as the Square-lipped rhino.

#4 White Rhinoceros

Hippos are divided into two species: the hefty/common hippo and the  smaller pygmy hippo. After elephants and white rhinos, hippos are the  third-largest living land animal.

#5 Hippopotamus

Giraffes are pretty gregarious animals that occasionally gather in  herds. There is no group bonding, though. Males are migratory and wander  between groups of females, whereas youngsters stay with a few adult  females.

#6 Giraffe

Saltwater crocodiles are the world’s largest crocodile species and the world’s largest living reptile.

#7 Saltwater Crocodile

The chief drivers of these decreases include extensive turtle and egg harvesting and bycatch in fishing gear.

#8 Leatherback sea turtles

The world’s largest and heaviest of bird species is the flightless ostrich.

#9 Ostrich

It is the most prominent representative of wild cattle. Also  referred to as the Indian bison, the Gaur is a bovine native to South  and Southeast Asia

#10 Gaur

These animals are revered by their size and a privilege to witness them  in their natural habitat. Their livelihood must be protected at all  costs with sustainable tourism and ethical animal encounters.

There is still so much more to discover about these adorable creatures!

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