By Josie  August 4th, 2023

Black Bear Brutally Attacks Screaming Piglet In California

A wildlife trap-camera amazingly captured rare footage of a black bear that attacks a piglet.

Let's take a closer look:

The Attack

The video begins mid-chase, and just before they leave the frame the bear attacks the piglet with its powerful jaws.

The bear flings the terrified piglet about, it’s almost as if the bear knows it’s being filmed and wants to show off its conquest.

Towards the end of the video, a brief glimpse of the sow is seen, rushing to save her offspring.

Although we don't see how it ends, it's unlikely she was successful.

Sows and Piglets

The relationship between sows and piglets is a complex and nurturing bond, marked by instinctual care and emotional connection.

A sow can differentiate between her piglets based on their individual cries, allowing her to respond to their specific needs.

California's Black Bear Population

As of recent estimates, the population numbers around 30,000 to 40,000 individuals.

Historically, they were found throughout California, but human development and habitat loss have restricted their range.

They primarily inhabit the forested and mountainous regions of the state.

A Vital Meal

The black bears in California often struggle with food during the summer months - the piglet is not just prey but a crucial meal.

The Importance of Trap Cameras For Conservation

Wildlife trap-cameras offers a non-invasive method to monitor and study wildlife in their natural habitats.

Additionally, wildlife trap-cameras can be used to gauge the success of conservation efforts.

These cameras provide valuable insights into animal behavior and movement patterns.

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