Bombay Cat vs Black Cat

Maybe you specifically want a Bombay cat and need to be sure it is what you’re getting. Or perhaps you already have a black cat roaming about your home and are wondering if it’s a Bombay Cat or not.

Alternatively, you’re just cat-crazed and want to know all there is to know about them. In either case, this story will be the only guide you need as we’ll be comparing Bombay Cat vs Black Cat.

There’s a long list of perks of keeping cats as pets: they can be alone for long periods, are highly independent, you don’t have to take them on walks, and are suitable for city living.

Bombay Cat vs. Black Cat: Coat

While a black cat can be short-haired or long-haired, a Bombay cat is always short-haired.

Bombay Cat vs. Black Cat: Eye Color & Shape

Bombay cat’s eye color is either deep yellow to copper or golden to green. Bombay cats have significantly larger eyes than the average black cats.

Bombay Cat vs. Black Cat: Ears

Black cats’ ears can be folded, upright, or curled, depending on their parents. A bombay cat’s ears can never be folded or curled.

Bombay Cat vs. Black Cat: Paws

Bombay cats always have a completely black appearance down to their paw pads. A black cat can have a variety of paw colors.

Bombay Cat vs Black Cat: Body Shape

Bombay cats have compact and muscular bodies like black Panthers. Other black cats have longer and leaner statures.

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