Bombay Cat vs Black Cat

If you want to make sure that the cat you're getting really is a Bombay Cat, or if you already have one and are wondering how to tell whether it’s really of this breed, read on! This article will be the only guide you need, as we’ll be comparing Bombay Cat vs. Black Cat.

Bombay Cat vs. Black Cat: Coat

While a black cat can be short-haired or long-haired, a Bombay cat is always short-haired. If your black cat’s fur is short, you can tick the first checkbox.

Bombay Cat vs. Black Cat: Eye Color & Shape

The color of a black cat’s eyes can range from red, blue, and green to copper and hazel. Meanwhile, a Bombay cat’s eye color is either deep yellow to copper or golden to green.

Bombay Cat vs. Black Cat: Ears

Black cat ears can be folded, upright or curled—depending on the parents. On the contrary, Bombay cats' ears are always upright and slightly angular with rounded tips.

Bombay Cat vs. Black Cat: Paws

Bombay cats always have a completely black appearance down to their paw pads. Alternatively, a black cat can have a variety of paw colors. In addition, a Bombay cat’s paws are rounded, with no peaks

Bombay Cat vs Black Cat: Body Shape

Remember in the history above when the lovely woman got her inspiration from a panther? That’s why Bombay cats have compact and muscular bodies like black Panthers.

Bombay Cat vs Black Cat: TEMPERAMENT

Bombay cats are highly energetic; they are active climbers and interactive gamers. They love to use their brains a lot, thinking or assessing their surroundings. Also, Bombay cats are affectionate, unlike other aloof black cats.