Buffaloes Rescue Baby Elephant from Lions

In a heart-stopping encounter in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

A herd of buffaloes intervened to save a young elephant calf from a pride of lions.

Jill, 63, and her companions arrived at the Klopperfontein Dam early in the morning.

The dam, almost dry, was a scene of various animals, including two giant bull elephants shielding a baby elephant, buffaloes, zebras, and impalas, all searching for the last traces of moisture.

Hidden in the shade of trees, a pride of lions lay in wait, camouflaged on rocks above the dam.

To everyone’s shock, a lone baby elephant emerged from the bushes, making it an easy target for the lions, who swiftly ambushed it.

As the baby elephant struggled, a group of buffaloes nearby heard the commotion and decided to investigate.

Recognizing their eternal enemies, the buffaloes charged at the lions, driving them away individually.

Seizing this opportunity, the baby elephant ran towards the two bull elephants near the dam for protection.

However, the ordeal wasn’t over.

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