Can Dogs Eat

Can Dogs Eat

By Josie February 23rd, 2023


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Let's get cheesy!

Keeping your pet healthy and happy is always the number one priority.

Let's gain a better understanding of the potential benefits or dangers of cheese for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

However, a simple “yes” doesn’t entirely encompass the canine interaction with cheese, even if some cheeses are not hazardous to dogs.

The short answer is yes.

Lactose Intolerance

Some canines, like some people, have trouble processing lactose, which is a milk sugar.

Perform a small test with a small bit of cheese before feeding it to your dog in case it causes stomach trouble.

Fat Content

The majority of cheeses are quite heavy in fat.

While some fat benefits canines, excessive amounts can cause health issues like obesity, heart disease, and pancreatitis.

Sodium Content

A small amount of sodium benefits your dogs’ health, giving them too much can lead to hypertension and even organ failure.

Salty cheeses like feta and Parmesan should be avoided or given to your dog only in tiny amounts.

What Are the Benefits of Cheese to Dogs?

#1 High In Nutrients

Cheese is a good source of numerous nutrients beyond protein and fat, including vitamins A, calcium, B-12, zinc, K-2, and phosphorus.

#2 Motivation

A reward like low-fat cheese can help stimulate and encourage your dog while you train them.

#3 Concealer

It can be an ideal medium for concealing medications that your dog might not eat otherwise.

What Are the Risks of Dogs Eating Cheese?

#1 Weight gain

It's high fat content is what makes it so delicious, but also results in a high-calorie count per serving.

#2 Pancreatitis issues

You should ask your veterinarian if your dog is prone to this problem before incorporating cheese into their diet.

#3 Lactose intolerant

Some dogs (just like people) cannot digest dairy products fully and correctly.

Will Your Dog Eat Cottage Cheese?

The lack of flavor is ideal for canine digestive systems.

Cottage cheese is generally believed to have less lactose than other similar dairy products.

Combine Cheese With Their Normal Diet

Putting cheese beneath your dog’s normal meal to encourage them to work for the special reward.

Cottage cheese can help recuperate from an upset stomach.

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