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Can dogs eat cherries?

Let's shine some light on this subject:

A 2016 consumer insights study found that dogs exist in one-third of all households; hence, domestic dogs are the most widely owned pets worldwide.

Being man’s best friend and the most loyal companion, we only want the best for them.

While most commercial dog food brands meet at least the bare minimum of a dog’s nutritional needs, it’s important to remember that no two dogs have the exact dietary requirements.

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Importance of a Healthy Dog-Diet

There's a lot of foods that humans love, but which can prove lethal to our furry companions.

Cherries are poisonous to dogs primarily because of the cyanide in the pit, leaves, and stems.

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Why dogs should avoid cherries

Dogs can tolerate cherries in small moderation, if the stem and pit is removed.

Cherries are a tasty summer treat packed with vitamins A and C, fiber, antioxidants, and melatonin.

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Risks involved when dogs eat cherries

The high sugar content is a risk. Short-term it causes hyperactivity, but in the long run it can lead to diabetes.



The seeds and stems contain toxins, cyanide.

Cherry pits risk intestinal obstructions because they are prone to get caught in a dog’s digestive system (which is life-threatening and may require surgery).



If your dog consumes cherry pits, it may harm their teeth and result in them experiencing severe pain.

Cyanide causes tissue killing by decreasing their capacity to use oxygen.

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What Cyanide poisoning does dogs

Poisoning symptoms may appear between 15 and 20 minutes to a few hours later.

Death typically happens within 30 to 45 minutes when there are severe convulsions.

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Symptoms of Cyanide poisoning 

- Difficulty breathing

- Bright red gums

- Dilated pupils

- Seizures

- Agitation

- Hyperventilation

- Tremors

Keep a watchful eye on your dog nonetheless, and in case of signs of poisoning take them to he vet immediately.

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What to do if your dog eats cherries

If you know that your dog ate cherries, it is essential to let the vet know roughly how many he ate and when the incident occurred.

Consuming one or two cherries should be fine without causing much damage.

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Possible treatments for cherry poisoning 

#1 Inhalation of nitrates

#2 Detoxification

#3 Sodium Thiosulfate

#4 Activated charcoal to soak up the toxins

#5 An injection to make your dog vomit

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To conclude, you can feed your puppers cherries in moderate amounts - but keep a watchful eye!