Canadian Marble Fox


The first marble fox was born in 1945 on Sverre Omber’s farm in Norway. This fox’s variation results from a genetic mutation following interbreeding between a red fox and an arctic fox.

Where Does the Canadian Marble Fox Live?

According to reports, several of these foxes currently reside in the wild. However, the majority are bred and kept in captivity.

What Type of Food Do Canadian Marble Foxes Eat?

They consume a wide range of foods. These include fruits, vegetables, carrion, and small rodents like rats and mice.

Is it Legal to Keep Canadian Marble Foxes as Pets?

Keeping marble foxes as pets is legal in some states in the US. But it is against the law to keep a fox as a pet in many parts of Canada.

Are They Dangerous?

Marble foxes are not very dangerous and are incredibly intelligent. Keeping them as pets is not a good idea, even though they may be domesticated.

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