Canadian Marble Fox

A Canadian marble fox is a small wild fox species that resembles a cat. As the name suggests, its coat has a marble-like appearance.

Where Does the Canadian Marble Fox Live?

They originate primarily in northern Canada’s Arctic areas. Consequently, they are referred to as Canadian marble foxes.

According to reports, several of these foxes currently reside in the wild.  However, the majority are bred and kept in captivity.

What Type of Food Do Canadian Marble Foxes Eat?

Like other foxes, they can eat a variety of things. They consume a wide range of foods. These include fruits, vegetables, carrion, and small rodents like rats and mice.

These keen eaters can rob other animals of their food. Therefore, keeping your pet’s feeding bowl sealed is crucial.

How do the Canadian Marble Foxes Behave?

Canadian Marble Foxes are wild creatures, and they exhibit characteristics of both of their red or silver fox parents.

Being solitary, inquisitive, and opportunistic animals, they live alone.  They act like wild foxes because that’s what they are.

General Characteristics of a Canadian Marble Fox

The size and weight of male and female Canadian Marble Foxes differ slightly. Males range in weight from 7 to 21 pounds.

In comparison, the weight of their female counterparts ranges from 3 to 8 pounds. Additionally, males can reach a height of 27 inches, whereas females rarely grow taller than 20 inches.