Cane Spider

Do they bite humans, and are they dangerous to humans?

Cane spiders belong to the sparassidae family, which are known for their speed. They live in abundance on the Hawaii islands.

Cane Spiders do not weave a web to live. The female partner can provide their mouth as an egg habitat for days.

Surprising Fact

Cane spiders prey on small animals and insects and will only bite humans in defense. Cane spiders get shy when they come across any big creature.

Do cane spiders bite?

They usually reside in hot areas and are vulnerable to cold places; you will encounter them in your bedroom, shelves, and bathroom.

Be Careful!

They trap insects, butterflies, mosquitos, moths, and cockroaches. In addition, the cane spider also preys on silverfish, scorpions, and bats. So, their prey is the small animals and insects which harm your house.

Who are the target prey of cane spiders?

Cane spiders do not bite humans generally. It is not as dangerous as the bites from other insects. It can be painful and requires the correct treatment.

Are cane spiders harmful?

The affected part of your body will swell up in response. Additionally, it will be painful and you might get a headache and a slight temperature change. 1. Wash the area with soap for 30 seconds and rinse.

Bite treatment

2. Massage the affected area with ice cubes. This tends to reduce swelling. You will feel sweet but stingy pain that might cause itching over the affected area.

Bite treatment - cont'd

Do not catch them when you find them, especially do not hold them in your hands, or you will get bitten.

How to avoid getting bitten by cane spiders?

The cane spider is known to be a large brown spider with a big body and belly fat. It can bite you but there is an effective easy treatment!

Wrapping Up

There is still so much more to discover about these intriguing  helpful insects!

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