Cave Animals

Cave animals are among life’s most unusual and exciting animals, sense  of suspense beneath the ground and forced to develop in solitude for  centuries

Experts refer to them as “troglobites,” Some varieties are so unique that just a few individuals exist in a particular cave.

Get to know them

Bats are heroes of the night, pollinating our favorite fruits, devouring troublesome insects, and inspiring medical wonders.

#1 Bat

Bears create their dens out of caverns and logs, and most species hibernate in their dens for up to 100 days throughout the winter.

#2 Bear

They have the ability to navigate in utter darkness through the chasms and shafts of  the caves where they sleep at night and nest, using a basic but  efficient kind of echolocation.

#3 Swiftlet

The olm or proteus (Proteus anguinus) is a dungeon aqueous salamander of the Proteidae family

#4 Olm

Despite being abundant in many habitats, they are tiny and often unnoticed due to their small size.

#5 Cave Pseudoscorpion

It also known as the “blind spider” by locals, is only  known to exist in a few caves inside a lava flow in the Kloa–Poip region of Kauai.

#6 Kaua’i Cave Wolf Spider

The cave harvestman is a troglobite, a species that lives in underground  holes and has tiny or nonexistent eyes, shortened limbs, and other  adaptations to its subsurface habitat.

#7 Cave Harvestman

In places of Tumbling Creek with little or no silt, the Tumbling Creek cave snail dwells on the underside of rocks.

#8 Tumbling Creek Cave Snail

It is a severely endangered species found only in Devil’s Hole, a water-filled cavern in Nevada.

#9 Devil’s Hole Pupfish

Want to know what the 10th cave dweller is?

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