Celebrating International Cheetah Day

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Compact Body The cheetah’s body is built for speed, with a deep chest and long flexible spine that allows fluid movements at high speed. Long Tail Its tail is a rudder when running, helping them keep balance and change direction quickly.

Physical Attributes

As we celebrate International Cheetah Day, 4th December, it’s time to delve into the fascinating world of these magnificent big cats.

From their unparalleled speed to their distinctive black “tear stripes,” there’s more to cheetahs than meets the eye.

Cheetahs communicate using vocalizations such as grunting, chuffing, hissing, miaowing, purring, and yowling, depending on what they’re trying to convey, such as warnings or mating calls.


They can sprint up to 80 mph (128 km/h) over short distances of up to 500m. Their long and slender build, lightweight frame, and narrow waist combined with incredibly powerful muscles, particularly legs, shoulders, and chest.

What Makes It So Fast?

Cheetahs have an incredibly flexible spine that allows them to bend and twist in mid-air and change direction quickly, an essential skill for predators that chase prey.

Cheetahs primarily hunt different antelopes, such as gazelles, impalas, and springboks. These animals are fast and agile, but the cheetah’s speed and agility give it an edge in capturing them.

Prey Of The Cheetah

Cheetahs rely on their incredible speed and agility to catch their prey. They also employ ambush tactics to launch a surprise attack. Cheetahs sometimes hunt in pairs to bring down larger prey.

Hunting Tactics

Cheetahs are often hunted for their fur, used in traditional clothing and home décor. Farmers also poison them to protect their livestock. Many conservation efforts including habitat restoration, breeding programs, and outreach to promote sustainable living practices.

The cheetah’s incredible speed has awed us since its discovery, but human activity has led to its endangerment. Consider donating to a cheetah preservation organization or taking local action to make a difference.

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