Corgi Loves Singing While She Eats

Willo’s mealtime symphony began when she was a mere three or four months old.

Her owner, initially alarmed by this peculiar behavior, couldn’t help but wonder if something was amiss.

But Willo was not in any distress; she was simply expressing her joy for the delicious sustenance in front of her.

This enchanting habit continued, becoming a staple of her dining experience.

Willo’s unique performance is not just a random occurrence; it’s an intentional act of gratitude towards her caregiver.

For Willo, howling while she eats is a way of saying ‘thank you.’

Her owner lovingly prepares her meals, and Willo knows the effort that goes into it.

She patiently waits for the signal to start eating and, as the meal progresses, she can’t contain her excitement.

The howl that follows is her way of expressing appreciation and  happiness, as if to say, “I love this food, and I love you for giving it  to me.”

Willo is more than just a songstress at mealtime; she’s a Corgi with a vibrant personality.

Known for her sass and extroverted nature, Willo has a knack for making her presence felt.

There is still so much more to discover!

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