Cutest Baby Animals Ever

There’s nothing quite like the sight of a cute baby animal.

When they are born, their eyes and ears are still closed, but over time they open up to the world,

Tiny Kittens

Puppies can quickly learn to walk on all fours within just days of  birth, although sometimes confusedly stumbling around before finding  balance.

Adorable Puppies

Ducklings create an enchanting atmosphere with their gentle quacking sounds.

Cuddly Ducklings

Their big ears and furry backs can weaken even the toughest of hearts!

Tiny Bunnies

Fluffy Fawn

Fawns’ ears are so big that it can look like they have wings!

These little guys have been around since dinosaurs existed and have survived mass extinctions.

Tiny Turtles

Penguins are among the cutest baby animals, and flightless penguin chicks are no exception!

Flightless Penguins

Something about how these monkeys move around and interact with each other makes them so adorable.

Miniature Monkeys

With their wrinkled face and paddle-shaped tail fluke, manatees display gentle grace as they swim through the water.

Majestic Manatee

Baby bears are among the cutest animals you will ever see, with their adorable faces, big eyes, and cuddly fur.

Baby Bears

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