By Josie  June 14th, 2023


german shepherd


Dachshund Vs. German Shepherd – both breeds come with their own set of pros and cons.

Let’s investigate further.

Dachshund: Origin

They originated in the 16th century, these dogs were specifically bred for hunting purposes.

They have a strong instinct to dig, so don’t be surprised if they try to find a spot to burrow into in your backyard or under your blankets!

Dachshund: Personality 

They are loyal and also known for their independent personalities, which can sometimes make training them a challenge.

German Shepherd: Origin

They originated in Germany where was bred for herding purposes, particularly for guiding and protecting sheep.

They possess an excellent sense of smell, making them ideal for search and rescue missions, police work, and therapy.

German Shepherd: Personality

German Shepherds are known to be loyal and affectionate to their owners and families, but they can be reserved around strangers.

Dachshunds have a weight range of 8 to 32 pounds and stand 8 to 9 inches tall.

German Shepherds an weigh up to 90 pounds and stand up to 26 inches tall.

Dachshund Vs. German Shepherd: Size

#1 Adorable appearance #2 Compact size #3 Lively and playfu

Dachshund: Pros

#1 Intelligent and trainable #2 Versatile and multi-talented #3 Loyal and devoted

German Shepherd: Pros

#1 Stubbornness #2 Prone to back problems #3 Tendency to be vocal

Dachshund: Cons

#1 High energy level #2 Overly-protective behavior #3 Potential for health issues

German Shepherd: Cons

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