By Josie  April 21st, 2024

Dad Saves the Life of a Zoo Worker

This kid’s party could have had a deadly outcome if this brave dad hadn’t intervened to save a zoo worker from an alligator attack.

Lindsay Bull, an experienced animal handler, was feeding an alligator when it unexpectedly bit down on her hand – and would not relax its grip.

Birthday Party Takes a Turn 

Being an expert, Lindsay knew what was coming: the death roll. She knew she’d be in a position of more leverage inside the cage, so she jumped into the glass enclosure with the alligator.

Despite having no training or reptile knowledge whatsoever, a dad attending the birthday party didn’t hesitate to help Lindsey and jumped inside the cage along with her!

Dad Saves the Day

He gets on top of the alligator, using all of his strength to keep it from moving and causing further harm to Lindsey.

The “death roll” is an infamous and usually lethal trick of alligators and crocodiles

The Deathroll

It’s used during hunting – both to disorient and dismember their prey. An alligator’s bite force is already excessive, but with the rotational movement it basically becomes impossible for the prey to even attempt to escape.

Alligators have no bark but one of the biggest bites – they have one of the strongest bite forces in the animal kingdom.

Measured at over 2,980 pounds per square inch (psi), their bite can easily crush bone and cause significant injury.

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