Dancing Bears of The Forest

Cayla de Souza

Bears dance in the forest's core, marking their presence by rubbing against trees and shedding their winter coats.

The dance begins as summer approaches, signaling the bears to shed their thick winter fur.

Mother bears teach their cubs the art of the dance, demonstrating how to choose the perfect trees for a good rub.

Bears have favorite trees and would travel miles to visit them, leaving behind their individual scent as a signature.

The scent-marking ritual serves as a communication tool for bears to identify friends and potential foes, avoiding unnecessary confrontations

It’s crucial to approach these majestic creatures with respect and caution, acknowledging that they are wild animals in their natural habitat.

Scent marking is a year-round activity, essential for communication among bears, both in the wild and in captivity.

The forest’s diary is marked by trees with signs of bear rubs, each telling a unique story of the bears that danced there.


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