By Josie  March 13th, 2023

Wild Cats

Different Kinds of

There are around 40 species of wild cats found in the world and there are numerous regions where we can find wild cats.

Let's check out some cats!

These are wild cats which are native to Africa, but is also found in various other regions like India and Central Asia.

#1 Caracal

They can easily be identified by means of their iconic ear tufts, which begin hanging as the creature ages.

It has enormous gloomy dark blotches and unpredictable spots and stripes suggestive of mists.

#2 Clouded Leopard

Sadly, the complete populace is thought to be less than 10,000, with a diminishing populace pattern.

Eurasian lynx chase utilizing both vision and hearing, and frequently move onto high shakes or fallen trees to check the encompassing region.

#3 Eurasian Lynx

They are mainly found in woodlands but prefer to live in high areas with a height of around 1800 feet.

While females have a roaming existence looking for prey in huge home reaches, males are more stationary.

#3 Cheetah

The cheetah lives in three fundamental gatherings: females and their offspring, male “alliances”, and singular guys.

Due to their look and incredible nature they are somtimes called “Mountain Ghost.

#4 Snow Leopard

The snow panther’s fur is whitish to dark with dark spots on head and neck, with bigger rosettes on the back, flanks and shaggy tail.

These animals are also known as pumas, and are majorly found in the north region of America.

#5 Cougar

For the most part they go after deer yet additionally feed on more modest creatures if needed - somtimes even insects.

Babies are born with some spots on their body, but these fade away at around 6 months of age.

#6 Mountain Lion

The female mountain lion is around 80 – 100 pounds in weight, whereas the male weighs 125 -160 pounds.

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