Discover 13 Animals That Kill Humans

In this article, we learn about some of the deadliest or most dangerous animals that kill humans, the number of deaths caused by each animal each year, habitat, population, and many more.


Despite its small size, the mosquito is one of the deadliest animals for humans. Mosquitoes are responsible for over 750,000 human deaths annually. It’s not about the animal itself, but the diseases it carries.


Snakes are responsible for over 100,000 human deaths annually. There are so many dangerous species of snakes out in the wild, both venomous and non-venomous.


There is an estimate of over 25,000 deaths caused by dogs each year, and many of the deaths recorded are not caused by dogs mauling people but by a virus called rabies.

Freshwater Snails

Freshwater snails kill up to 10,000 humans a year through a disease called schistosomiasis. A parasitic worm that lives in snails, such as freshwater snails, is the disease's cause.

Assassin Bugs

Bug assassins crawl on people’s faces before and after they bite them. If the person scratches those bites, they can be infected with the parasite, one of the animals that kill humans.

Tsetse Fly

This type of fly feeds on the blood of humans, causing over 10,000 deaths per year. They transmit to humans a disease called African trypanosomiasis, also known as "sleeping sickness."

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