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Asiatic Black Bear

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The Asiatic Black Bear stands apart from its other bear cousins and has played a significant role in Japanese and Chinese culture.

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This medium-sized bear native to Asia also goes by names such as the moon or white-chested bear.

They typically weigh 110 – 440 pounds and stand 4-6 feet tall.

Despite their name, these bears can also have brown fur.

It is their v-shaped white patch on their chest that truly makes them stand out.

These bears prefer woodland areas with dense vegetation and access to water sources, such as streams or rivers.


During the summer, they consume various plants and insects, while in the winter, their diet primarily comprises nuts and fruits.


Their winter behavior includes hibernation, where they retreat to a den for several months.

In springtime, thet emerge from their dwellings, actively seeking nourishment and potential companions.

Recently, their populations has declined and according to the IUCN they're a vulnerable species.

Conservation Status

Their population is declining due to habitat loss and they also fall victim to illegal hunting for their valuable body parts.


According to beliefs within Chinese traditional medecine, its gallbladder, paws, and bile possess medicinal properties.

According to Japanese folklore, the asiatic black bear possesses supernatural abilities and is associated with various gods and spirits.

In Culture

In Chinese culture, the black bear, known as “heixiong” or “wuxiong,” is seen as a symbol of strength, power, and tenacity.

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